Dirty Shoes

by Rabidwhelk

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Written and recorded by Joe Blackford. 2012-2013.


released November 11, 2013

Written and recorded by Joe Blackford.



all rights reserved


Joe Blackford Croydon, UK

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Track Name: Big Faux
Mamas in love, with the world. Inner faux.
It's there to be trained, the sly you.
The hardest of hearts fell from trees, so the fever sings,
painted with screams hurt and guillotines, I know nothing.

I can't find blood, in what's done.
God do you hear me when I pray, please stay here,
BecauseI think I just figured it out, what it is to be proud,
I see it now clear as the sun.

Would a brother waste, cull and kill his own kind,
they say love is just like hate, you will find.
It's better than grace, how we fall, these bodies aren't human no more,
barbed wire guards in a place without heart,
are their families proud of them now.

Oh brother won't you breathe slow,
give ourselves back to the earth,
God if you hear me make my heart slow,
so I can rest here in the dirt.
Take away everything that I own,
I'm so tired of being angry,
erase the cause beneath my skin,
we're all dust to dust and ash to ashes,
to cure the devil you let in.
I hope you never saw me shaking,
I tried to pray but all my words fell away,
are you proud of what I've become?
I've seen the friendliest hearts get ripped apart.
(God it gets old to be me)
Track Name: Automatic Man
Your automatic man he stumbles blind where life began,
Curled up in altered mind, the autumn swings above a guillotine.
Do you sweetly analyze the things you had before,
Twisted like corduroys woven to your memory,
It's such a lovely day, why don't we go outside, (before the end)
few survive this energy, few survive at all.
Chewed up and menacing, his fingers lay neath her swollen soul.
Darling put a record on we'll dance before the end,
until the vinyl slows, to the verse of a broken gramophone
God bless the man who has nothing,
apart from love,
bare skinned but dressed up in pride,
God bless the man who has nothing,
apart from love,
standing to the day that he dies
oh what it is to be set free,
your automatic man, he piles high and high in shallow graves,
for systematic plans, a veil of wasted life in masquerade.
all pointless souls, face the walls with bullet holes,
death is all that's left to come, a communist dessert of bloody lungs.
So I fell hard and now I feel slow, you stuck your gun in me oh you stuck your gun in me.
Track Name: 1942
String little love into the ground, cold from all embarrassment, and feet without the shoes.
Strange to be the one you live without, the station used to be the place to meet like lovers do.

Song of regret, if you hear me, I won’t doubt you I won’t doubt you darling.
All the things I should've said, If you hear me,
I won’t doubt you I won’t doubt you darling.

If you could see me now would you be proud, happiness is easy when you've got nothing to drown.
sick of all the hate that left my mouth, don't forget to wave when you watch her float away now.
Track Name: Dissolve
Sweetness lays easy, as fire does to coal,
but my love she kept dreaming of ways to dissolve,
they picked her apart, while she cried silently,
my love you keep dreaming, for both you and me.

Your body lay trapped in the station,
where I heard you cry a wish to help fly.
But you're wings they kept disappearing,
as we made goodbyes the smoke filled our eyes,
If only to die.

Do you remember the spring when the junipers grew,
they grew through the concrete and I picked some for you,
but you never saw them and you never saw spring,
they choked you in winter with the darkness of sin.

All my friends they keep leaving,
they turn out their lights, and wait to divide.
Oh my sweet God will you leave me, If I close my eyes and drink through the night.

it's okay, take what you need, I'll be your amelie love, when death comes to greet me in dreams, and dissolve everything, become dust on old juniper leaves, and sleep when the sun meets the sea.

Drowned teeth, are worth much more than this,
what it is, to be free.
Track Name: Dirty Shoes
Where are my angels where are the wings in which I believe,
do they appear when I'm grateful for all that I receive.
What a shame for me to believe that we're all of equal worth.
So I sleep because it's better to dream than to stay awake on this earth.

If I'll be your evil, then you'll be my good,
spent enough time carving halos to know I'm no good for you.
If I tore us apart would you still feel the same,
spent enough time losing hearts to know you will forget me.

I lay on the cheap side of a fence you call war,
lay on my good side my old bones may heal by the morn,
and I'm so thin, I can't remember how to eat how the sun used to feel on my skin,
maybe it's time?

See I prayed for the sun, but the sun wouldn't warm up my heart.
Still I stay the coldest drunk, now how can I pray to a God?