Idle Graves

by Rabidwhelk

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Written and recorded by Joe Blackford


released December 11, 2013

Joe Blackford.

Only Hours Documentary. Ted Bundy 1989 Interview.



all rights reserved


Joe Blackford Croydon, UK

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Track Name: A Million Different Paints
Why waste time trying to write lies, if you saw my failings, you'd know what I'm like.
A glassjaw rookie, a pretender of grace, If I draw it in dull paints, does it mean I'm ashamed.

I, let you put faith in a heart that's not even mine, Still I create a thousand more every time,
Slowly I'm getting married to a lonelier me, whatever she's taking,
I'll take it in threes.
I could have the proudest face, you've ever seen,
but tomorrow I'm shaking, from my head to my feet.

I, let you put faith in a heart that's not even mine
maybe someday I'll be grateful that you tried.
With a million different paints, I draw birds in the trees, an watch them question their belief in this place.
If I am what I say, then I wouldn't have to drink, just to help me believe I'm okay.
Track Name: Idle Graves
Now looking back, I suppose i've always been afraid, of never living life enough. This I lack, but with a style so depraved, you know I really think I'm dumb, losing touch, but touch never meant that much to me, growing up.

Now looking back, I know I've always been the same, never giving life a chance, how sad, to write regrets on idle graves.

Pour away, big lives are never used, to find the honesty, I gotta be drunk just to find the means, but it calms me down.

Now, I feel a freak, she says I left my charm in boxes I can't open any more, lay low, lay low.
I'll borrow friends and I'll borrow dreams, I'll borrow anything just to stay away from being me.
I build grace, just to let it down, hide my heart from my face, I really miss the old me.
Well look at me now, would you say it's a proud one.

Time my heartless friend, you always cool me out..
Track Name: Teddy B
Slip away on the crest of love, Sertraline in lonely folks.
I love the way that you can't breathe, our scars are stitched in masochist seams.

Your fingers they burn like crosses, they splinter the skin and bone.
What fingers could hurt like crosses, except bloom where no love is shown.

Sweet talons they multiply, twisting names in the curve of my spine and,
I pawned my lungs off to factories, you speak in hunger, I speak in teeth.

And I only want to hold you down, this control brings out the worst in me,
feeling lonely like my parents weren't proud.
Why would they be?

If it's crazy will you swallow the rough, it's the only way to carry on.
Track Name: Transit
A bit drunk, if only just to light it up, I'm not good enough,"you're everything I ever want"
tell me as you're going down.

And I've finally found a reason, why everything was made,
and If I could I would believe it, but she always fades away, she always fades away.

Get up, the days won't turn enough , they turn too much, If this is what you really want, then tell me as you're going down.

I traded in the summer. For rain in idle graves,
I live alone when I love her, coz she always fades away, she's always fades away.

I get bored of some friends, I go cold on some friends.
Track Name: Lotus
Your battered lotis bathes in greed, my heart is always chewing faith,
Do you feel the worst is gonna bring you down, would you feel if the world slowly brang you down. all along...
When our conversation fades away, I leave trust for ashes and burn it's faith.
God will you leave if I close my eyes, for the worst that you see, is the best of mine.
your lotus dreams of the things you don't,
but I know you love letting I know you love letting me go.

I caught her on the way down
she said live and let go.

you can't force engines, that aren't any more.