Pressure Happy

by Joe Blackford

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First self produced album. Mostly all songs were written and recorded from 2009-2010.


released December 12, 2010

Written and recorded by Joe Blackford



all rights reserved


Joe Blackford Croydon, UK

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Track Name: Candy
I've got a cape, its called emotion and it covers me well,
when I get lonely,
Its a whole step down from hanging around your house.

Candy, I'm sorry, I never meant to let you down.
Lately, I'm breaking, searching for the perfect bring it down
Track Name: Creature Cold
This day, is getting better in my head, with every creature that forms another dreary sullen web.
Just to catch me off guard and pull apart my tiny lungs so I can't breathe.
But breathing is overrated, it's just a form of fear that wont stop me from loving you.

I've been dreaming, but all these dreams turn into shades of darker ceilings, and they spiral down on wings of faith and tangled feelings, to inspire hope or at least something to believe in. But we're oh so foolish in our brave little ways.

Creature cold, Comfort holds, your broken bones
Track Name: Don't trees always fall
Darling, just called to tell you that I'm falling,
for a heart, as cold as yours.
You see I've stopped breathing, but my heart will go on dreaming,
though I try to ignore, I can't do that anymore.

Don't trees always fall down when your sad.

Don't forget your pretty heart, I know who you really are.
It slowly cuts til it falls apart, we're still drunk when we wake up, don't trees always fall.

Darling, caught up in trouble like a cruel wind,
that wraps itself around my tender bones.
You see I've been screaming, for some hope or just a reason, that there's something to believe in, in this hell that we call home.
Don't trees always fall
Track Name: Trouble's not a great best friend
Love you make me happy, you make me sad,
Once you made me smile, now I just cry.

Consequence, you bring me trouble.
Trouble's not a great best friend when you're not around.

Love you used to be kindly, you used to be bright,
But you took off left a mess inside me, makes it hard to get by.
Track Name: Hahaha
Rains in the porch again, this storms gone on for quite a while,
Its nice to love or at least to pretend, you can trick a lot of people with a smile.

And like leaves twisting up in the wind, my twisted up emotions keep me chasing,
But that’s okay coz chaos will mend, yeah it breaks up all the days and the weekends.

Its cold on a winter’s morning, leaves me chipping away at a frozen windscreen,
Its Sunday an the roads are dead, that’s okay coz I don’t know where im heading

But I’ll drive and ill drive til I’ts over, and when the fuel runs out, i’ll walk until I fall.
And I’ll laugh as I’m lying in the dirt, coz none of this means anything at all.
Track Name: Little Bird
Out the door, is there something you want more,
strangers calling out your fleshy name.
Like little birds we fly, through the open air at night,
cold but determined anyway.

Sometimes I feel i'm perfect at being alone,
sometimes I feel i'm perfect when your around.

Curse the sun because it knew all along,
little birds were made for shallow graves,
So they fell to the earth, amongst the leaves and the dirt,
and that is where they will stay.

Little bird, circled the earth, but this little bird, was always stuck in reverse.
Track Name: Marion
Marion, If I'd known that you were leaving I'd have sung this song,
coz if there's one thing to believe in it's that you do belong,
there's always someone there to hear your voice.

If you gave it time, maybe the grass would grow again and the sun would shine,
and all that darkness in your head would burn to bright,
don't trees always fall at night, don't trees always fall at night.

If you were here, then I'd say, then I'd say,

Come outside, it's a perfect day for dreaming and for living life,
all that silent screaming that you feel inside, we'll both let die.
Marion dry your eyes and come outside.

Marion, it's days like this I wonder where you would've been,
Smiles always surface with your memories,
The sun is out today I wont be sad, The sun is out today I wont be sad.

Here is your song, and I'll sing it now and I'll sing it loud
Track Name: Some days
Today is a new day, it's like a fresh start, like sewing up the veins of a broken heart.
It's like the sun rising for the first bringing the light with a 20 20 hindsight.
The kinda day that will make you breathe, make you believe in a brand new thing,
Make you put up your drinks and sing if life gives you lemons, you've got Corona.

Some days I can be crazy, some days I can be brave, Some days it hurts just to walk out the door, but not today.

Some days I'm a little bit brave, but those days are rare and always late,
I left a lot of love in past mistakes, but what's done is done and I'll move on.
It's hard when you have to choose, to let go of something that you never did lose,
to tell the truth to all your friends that your'e leaving this place to start again.
Track Name: Dear Caroline
Driving on, I can’t look back dear Caroline for it will bring me down,
I’ve been screaming so many lies I forgot what truth is about,
And now I’m falling apart at the seams.

Where is the sun, I’ve been blind from a troubled mind, and clouds so dark in my lungs,
And this is why Dear Caroline, I will fall apart in your arms if you say,
You don’t want me around.

It can be lonely, but I’ll learn to live and love again,
Just maybe, I’ll be the one to make you proud again.
My dear Caroline, won’t you love me one last time.

Caroline, will you come back teary eyed to witness my demise,
And take your love up to better heights for now you’ve realised,
That I’m not worth your time.

here’s your song, here’s some words to feed your mind, of how it all went wrong,
over time good thoughts collide and die one by one,
Since I forgot how to cry.
Track Name: Big Balloon
Drown them all in a big balloon, it’s not what there for but it’s what we’ll do.
Just to make ends meet on a rainy day, coz if problems can’t breathe then they go away.

That’s how the world began, and that’s how the world will end.

When trouble strikes an evil blow, and all the friends you knew have been and gone,
To a place where only sadness grows, watered by the words of a bitter mans bones.
Track Name: Begging is for losers
You may say that you're okay,
congratualtions you bring me down, slow down.

Yes it's been a good few years but I better get myself out of here, before I run of time.

I wont come begging at you're door no more,
Yeah I'll be missing you and yeah I'll be seeing you
So long.

You keep me tied with rusty chains, coz you're scared I'll fly, fly away, to a better place.
Well If you've got heart and you've got soul, you should have let this slip away long ago.
Track Name: Breathe
I was waiting at the train stop with tears in my eyes,
somehow life got the best of me.
22 an i've only just realised,
we all live for ecstasy.

Remember to breathe

Span around in colour til the ceiling turned blue,
span away the lies until there only was truth.

Remember to breathe.

Believe me when I say, your incredible.

I'm better than I've ever been better before,
though I'm sinking through the levels like they were made of mud.