So here I am and these are my friends

by Joe Blackford

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Written and produced by Joe Blackford 2012


released September 10, 2012

Joe Blackford



all rights reserved


Joe Blackford Croydon, UK

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Track Name: Louisa Lifeboat
louisa lifeboat, you are my last hope,
a quick one would it tear the rest away,
It's been months since you've seen the best of me.

so here's a crate that will heal your lungs, like paraffin but it burns the pain away.
make a wish then neck it down, How could I think that you'd ever come south.
Sick of working and I'm sick of trains,
sick of seeing myself in the mirror today.
advice you give, you just don't get
When you don't sleep with the ghost of cold regret.

Here's to a year spent holding the phone, a pioneer in the making for being alone.
caught up in bars on the finest of days,
let her float away.
sick of working I'm sick of trains, sick of seeing myself in the mirror today,
I beg it hurts and I beg it rains, all over york, to wash it all away.

Pray now you never come south, coz these days I'm a little bit down
Track Name: Beachy Head
One of your many faults, you were always looking south,
dressed for a funeral, aren't we all.
If you're sad don't let it show, even mother has her own little box of tears,
in the depths of her overcoat, below.
Whatever was breaking whatever was strange,
I still throw flowers from clifftop graves,
as if little flowers could take the sadness away,
as if 17 years could fit into frames.

Spend a little time with love, it might help you feel better might help you belong,
Mum can't throw away your things.
My God have you seen his dreams, It's as if the Devil was creeping right between his sheets, and drugged the kid with disease,
if life isn't working let it drown in the sea.

We're all born at once, holding hands.
We all die alone, in the end all we are is all we've left.
We're all born at once, holding hands,
but he'll drown alone, don't be sad Nikolai the storm as gone,
she stands at Beachy Head and waves you on.
Track Name: Ego Death
Throw out what's jaded, in this town.
bury it in graves, til it dies out.
comfort in shallow tongue,
beneath the perfect one.

If this be a true verse, dear Larkin,
then I will walk through hell, just to figure it out.
small papered ego death,
build a mind from what was left.

I saw it all I saw it all yeah,
I woke up with the sun this morning,
you were wrong, you were wrong ego death,
I woke up with the sun this morning,

My mind is twisting the fabrics,
of this life with colour so honest,
that all sense of logic and value,
came up with the sun like it was brand new.

You might stop burning it down, you might stop burning it down now.
Track Name: Miles
Our old friend Miles is slipping away, he's gone to the stars says he'll be back some day.
He found a little calm on this planet of pain, come on sit around I'll tell you how lives fade.

deep down trust installed with disguise, I've forgotten who you are said the moon to the sky,
send a little love send it his way, if it's kind to be tough then it's better this way.

Do you ever get lonely, do you ever get warm, the cold comes in droves here, with promise of storm.
would you say you're crazy, would you say you're sane,
would you call it fortune, would you call it fate.

Sit around now wait for the fade out,
another night spent sleeping in a strange house.

Getting old, to be stoned and drunk all day.

Send a little worth down, here
Track Name: Murder Days
I drank a lot of time in this town, I drank it right into the ground,
she said oh you're just murdering days, waiting for the sun to change.

Sean found a reason to stay, and Jack drinks his problems away,
I've been caught just murdering days, waiting for the sun to change.

It's hard to be young when I'm creepy and cynical,
kick start the fun let's wrap up in chemicals.
and murder days with ease, til all the carbon calls from falling trees, where all the colours are blue.
Track Name: Three Little Bears
Hey Steve, do you ever get lonely, without Mum, on your arm?
Coz I know she feels slighted and a little bit crazy,
I'm not taking sides, but where have you gone?
You say I've gone far away, where no star love or anything,
can chase me down, I know you're a little bit scared,
scared to pick up your wedding shoes, that old dusty pin striped suit,
and remember the I do's, I do's, I do's.
It's your little black hole, where you can watch the world slip away,
watch it get swallowed, all of everything erased,
what a sad day, when you chose to walk away.