Songs For a Man I Hardly Knew

by Joe Blackford

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A collection of songs from a collection of thoughts


released June 11, 2012

Joe Blackford



all rights reserved


Joe Blackford Croydon, UK

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Track Name: Suit and Tie
Don't cry in you're suit and tie, you got it,
rough now on a steady decline, you can
throw stones enough to ease the tide.
It's not fair, to drag you into this I,
confess, it seems your happiest when,
your not here, in this dark dead house.
young man embarrassed to be you, stone love it cuts til it bleeds through.
come back you know that I need you, another day of trying to fall through.
a small ship, lost in a hurricane,
a few years, bury your dead today,
You can't stop her, walking away.
and i've been crazy, thinking of all the time,
wasted, picking at glassy eyes.
You can't stop her, walking away.
Track Name: Glasseye
I've been here before, stroking glassy eyes, but now things are little bit different, a little less inspired.
recall sunny doors, barbecues in the sunshine, I was settled and nearly for a moment, I planned for life.
I've been here before, walking happy floors, but in the end it all gets broken, I guess that's what I forgot.
Now it's getting cold, I better go to sleep, coz round here the sun doesn't work, it only shines in dreams.

I've been here before, this little bubble of mine, You filled it up with oxygen, but forgot how to fly.
You told me you never learnt, more like you never tried, you say the only thing you ever heard, is that everything dies.
I've been here before, charming angel hearts, but noone told me they shed their wings, then pull you apart.
Now it's getting cold, I better go to sleep, coz round here the sun doesn't work, it only shines in dreams.

I've been here before, the car we used to drive, a little smoke from the exhaust, prompts hazy eyes.
see what I learnt from love, is that everything dies, just as my hands lost sense, I knew you were right.
I've never seen this before, I wish you all the best, with this car as my witness and my gravestone, you'll never see me again.
Now it's deathly cold, I better go to sleep, coz round here the sun doesn't work, it only shines in dreams.
Track Name: Good Morning
My shadow aches, you must've meant something,
I'm throwing change, into the rooted chase.
My stomach aches, they come alone with the sinking
of bitter taste, swallow it down right here
what a waste, to see this life go on sinking,
and as of late, I really hate life here
lonely, has a new meaning
it means crave, until you hate life here.
drinking stops the pain, helps me forget who I am,
good morning misery, she's gone again...far away.
Track Name: Bless My Heart
so bless my heart and take my brain, see everything we ever had only ever caused a scene,
you'll sing songs in the pouring rain, and i'll still be here when you go to sleep, so bless my heart and take my brain, everything we ever had was only foreign change,
we ran in circles til we became insane, til light arose for a brand new day
seems the only way out was burning cars, chasing smoke in heavy bars, it adds new doubt as to who we are, but i'll still be here, burning cars
Track Name: Raincheck Razorblade
I think it was friday, when I found myself, tracing fingers along the tall green grass, of your garden,
You're seeing someone else, well I understand, sugar, It's a long old way to let me down again.
Let me down again.
Call on a raincheck and a razorblade, yeah it's a little something that I like to call home on a monday,
when the sky is grey, it's a wonder that I ever found love in the first place,
Oh dear, life has gone, I keeled right over no it won't be long, til the good old days replace my weathered jeans
and for a bright star, she made me oh so dark, I just wanna say that it's noones fault, it's just the perfect way to end this crazy dream.
they put me in a suit on sunday, noone said a word, just the sound from the speakers playing 'everybody hurts' was enough here,
I guess you live and learn, if you stick around long enough you might learn it all