Welcome to Rose Hill

by Rabidwhelk

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Written and recorded by Joe Blackford


released August 6, 2013

Joe Blackford



all rights reserved


Joe Blackford Croydon, UK

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Track Name: Mr Liberty
Here we go again Mr liberty, reading books about deadened men, living free
take a full flavour of hard earned cash, burn it with your past Mr Jack Kerouac.
because here's the biggest world that you'll ever see, and if you feel a bit brave you can have it for free son, you're going nowhere just look at me, I'll still be living with my mum to the age of 26

waste away the time, kill the space in your mind.

I want love, I get love, it comes around and I rip down.

well here we go again Mr Liberty, reading books about dead men who lived to be free,
and no one ever said that this was gonna be easy, but it takes a special certain type of challenge to please me so lets, form a pact on the dirt track never look back nothing but a nap sack pack with Jack Kerouac we'll tear up the map and venture into the wild cause if deaths inevitable let's burn out in style
Track Name: Drowned Dogs
I'm 24 foot into life's little hole, an If I dig a little more I can steal some gold. She said There's nothing down here but bones an black souls, they creep around me to the beat of drowned dogs.

my father has this disease, you see he works 9-5 in a busy city,
just to come home at night, void of Joie de vivre,
those coast to coast dreams, they sleep at my feet.

All along, you swore to go, and set sail away,
Drowned dogs, fall in love, before they break,

drink stops the fever of dreaming alone, but I held the fevers wings and it swallowed me whole, took me to a world that i've never known, sliding my way through the sheep and the goats.
but only false teeth keep cackling on, with tales of burnt trees and what I've done wrong, it's haunting to see something weak get so strong, and I truly believe you don't know what you got til it's gone.
Track Name: Just the Way it Goes
Hey kid, I see you're getting older, half broke, with the weight on your shoulders.
back then, it was you and her vs the world, now you're one of loves sad soldiers.
you kick yourself, said you should've done better, it's too late for a tear soaked letter.
you get nervous, open up and give her your heart, but the more you give, the more it falls apart.
now I'm not saying there's any blame here,
it's just the way it goes with lifes changes,
But isn't it funny how you can be so close, and now, you don't even talk.

you see lately, I feel a bit crazy, I don't know who I am or what I used to be,
what on earth did I spend my time doing, I go to work but the days all stay the same.
and all my friends say I should stop calling, live my own life, go out chirpsin'
but that's a little hard for me to do because...
nothing compares to you.

Is this what you call desperation, is this how we tear it apart, I can't sleep no more coz I'm breaking, sewing up these broken hearts.
Is this what we call the end, and pretend there was never a start, 4 years I'm just meant to forget, sewing up these broken hearts.

You know what's crazy, sometimes I'm happy, and for a wreck I'm not doing that badly.
If you stop to think for a minute, life's not really that bad is it.
So came the day when I had to give her key back, not the best plan, I broke down and she held my hands, she said you know I still love you but understand.
I never meant it to be this way, I try to hold on but it always breaks in my hands, the world keeps falling around me til I forget the person I am,
and I said I'm doing just fine, I'll get over you but in my own time,
See I can't sleep, and my hearts like lead, because you were simply the best.

I'll forget if you really want, I'll forget how you made me laugh,
I'll forget those nights we spent wishing morning would never come

I'll forget all our favourite songs, I'll forget how you used to miss me,
but most of all,
I'll forget that you ever existed
Track Name: Selfish Man
Selfish man you think you are flying, but truth will always bring you back down, selfish man you think you are flying, well fly on straight into the ground.

For 23 years I've been chasing, and every year is the same.
For 23 years I've been chasing, chasing my nightmares away.

I will remember dearly. the days I let slip by, I will remember dearly as darkness fills my eyes.
Track Name: Carp Hey DM
I called in late to work, for another day that I hate,
sick of coffee stained shirts, and never getting paid.
Morden, it always rains, It's like the sky was painted grey,
Had enough of winter days, I say we move away.

What a day I've had this week I've been working since monday,
and all the nights I stay here downing drink, man they must count for something.

I've seen this pub before, my familiar friend ennui,
another year but who's keeping score, as we recycle old memories

And I love to be here, don't we all love to be here, in the same old town always talking about how, we might make it someday.

Oh I've been looking around and all I see is ways to stick my head in the ground and let life pass me by.

Track Name: Waltham Heights
It's been a long time since waltham road she said hey, why did you go,
it's getting darker in this room, where I used to dream of seeing through these walls, but you never saw.
Dad's always here to save your soul, I can't take the shouting at home no more so don't say hey, why did you go.

I always alone, how come you wanna talk to me now im gone. now I'm gone

It's been a long time since I called you Mum, but it's been a whole life since you showed me love, hey why did you go,
I think the age of five was our last hug, a brief encounter where you forgot yourself so don't say hey, why did you go.
Track Name: Toots Groups
what a sunny day it is today, I must admit I miss the rain.
cause I'm the kinda guy who never really cared but now
I still live with my mum it's been too many years too long.
So I wrote this little song, to tell you where it all went wrong.

See Marley moved up North, I guess he finally found his love,
Sean an Jo broke up and breaking up is never fun.
Kez is smashing Brighton ends I haven't seen her for days,
so long live jack pavitt, he's always stayed the same.

Oh little darling I wish I could stay, I need your love much more than I say,
don't you know it's you who makes the sun shine.

what a sunny day it is today, I must admit I miss the rain.
coz I'm the kinda guy who never really cared an yeah
I've been here far too long, I've seen so many friends move on,
If you're listening Rose hill, I swear one day I will be gone.

This is a story about a little town I live in,
where kids have no jobs and they have no dreams,
I walk down the street, happy to just be living,
I've got shoes on my feet, an a heart that's still beating.

I can't stop thinking over my life, I was 12 now I'm 25.

We were hanging at some weird place in Wales,
I said you can't make nights like these,
Smith was wasted offering out roast dinners,
I said you're funny man you can't even see.

So calm it down, there's plenty more coming around,
If it rains outside, we can stay here til we get dry.