Eleven For Eleven

by Joe Blackford

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released November 4, 2011

Written and recorded by Joe Blackford



all rights reserved


Joe Blackford Croydon, UK

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Track Name: Champagne wishes and caviar dreams
This thunder is cold, but it echoes relief, like lonely stones at the bottom of the sea,
this summer is gold, and it shines in the trees, you say little birds they remind you of me.

Up where the colours merge and they twist their turns in circles over the earth like tortured little birds,
Caught in the winds of change the colours fade to grey, tortured little birds always stuck in reverse.

Caring is old it got buried in me, like a callow heart, pulled apart by disease
little swallows in flight carve their way into peace, they bring me comfort at night when I can't get any sleep.

I'll stay ready for, the sun to pass my way, I'll stay ready for, the sun to come again.
Track Name: Friend In Me
It's been a while since I wrote, I havent really had the words, the family is still apart, but together was never really our word.

yeah mum's kinda getting along, she spins in her own world, It's strange when you used to belong, and it's strange to watch it all unfold.

I guess what I'm trying to say, is I'm happy that you found love, it kinda works out this way, yeah it's better for the both of us.

and as much as it hurts to say, you've always got a friend in me, as much as it hurts to admit, you've always got a friend in me.

Consequence can really bite, but I've learned to live with my regrets, and quit cursing and blaming hindsight, Though it seems that's what I only do best.

See Sometimes I like to pretend, That I'm the coolest kid in my room, weaving words of honest intent, in a web of such callow youth
Track Name: Down Byrne
Your head is gold, makes me believe, in better things, I can't see.
Your heart is brave, like black fire, in kerosene, helps me bleed.

It helps me believe.

Don't come near me mother, I'm about to crash.
I see your hands are shaking father, I'm burning black.
Track Name: Consequence
You think I'm a little brave do you consequence,
you think I'm a little proud for a friend.

I hope love brings you down.

Little birds sing for dead machines,
to come out from the graves,
and clip our dirty wings.

You can be a little cruel consequence,
you can be a little cruel for a friend
Track Name: Sunshine
Hey man, have you seen this ship before,
did you watch it go down,
Captain, did you tie yourself to the mast,
did you let yourself drown.

He said son, sometimes in life, it's the only way out.

Young man, why are you jumping off from that bridge, tell me what's your story,
He said I'm down some, and if I'm gonna get a life like this, then it's not worth living.

He said my friend, sometimes in life it's the only way out.

Please don't leave me sunshine, please don't leave me
Track Name: Glint
Is there anybody out there, the sun's dropped, getting harder to breathe.
Reason showed me how to love her, reason died when it sank to the bottom of the sea.

go to sleep your heart is a friend
Track Name: Diabolus Oculus
Stay a while, twist down my back again.
I hate the taste, but it keeps me from burning.
Child inside, why'd you keep crying,
Is the Devil's eye, stuck in your heart.
Until you give up,

I'm not your enemy, just a very bad friend.
If God knows the worst of me, then I deserve what I get.

Fly high into the ground.

Turn in time, charmed and enslaved here,
Sweet chains they bind, strangle little faithless one
Track Name: Eleven For Eleven
I've thrown shame to blame,
it can grow old there, insured in it's own fate.
Does death really feel no pain,
well ask him yourself dear, when you head that way.

Dust consumes us all and controls the graves.

I hear the world is caving in, what if my enemies are friends, would it come easy to my head.
Whatever hallelujah means, it was dead by 17, so come and cage your collared dreams, where's the innocence in me.

Listen with covered eyes and deafened hearts, I'm always drunk on words with flavour to pull me apart,
they say go on and churn out lies in your factory,
I know you really hate who you are so you're a hundred different people to me.

Truth will always stay the same in your chronic brain.

So the world is caving in, well if my enemies are friends, will it comes easy to my head.
Whatever hallelujah means, it was dead by 17, so come and cage your collared dream, and burn the innocence with me